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South Redton is a large trading hub with the feel of the small village; where people look out for one another and take care of each other when needed. Settled in the valley of a pine forest South Redton is surrounded by fertile farm land and bordered by the Crystal River, to the east, that runs through the Crown Meadows. Fed by glacial melt from the Stone March mountain’s, to the north, running through the Dapple Wood. The valley is bordered on the west and south by the Spell Wood.

South Redton is a town built to last. Brick buildings are the custom often accented with leaded glass windows. The buildings are old and age can often be seen by the amount of ivy that crawls the walls and moss clinging to its foundation stones. The streets of the city are paved river flagstone and bricks, some having been traveled so often that they are grooved from wagon wheels. Each building has a story that goes with it some new and some old, a few boasting their own ghost stories; such as the Grey Minstrel Inn, said to house its own ghostly bard. Much as the stories seem to flourish and abound about the Chapelore College. Though being a bardic college stories always abound and are seldom anything else. Ghosts are said to lurk in the tower and trolls are in the dungeons, a dungeon that is known to have never been proven to exist, as some stories are just that.

People come and go while some settle in a city at the crossroads. South Redton has grown with these changing faces and additions. What once was an arcanists guild has evolved in a college, small shrines have developed into temples and a couple of adventuring guilds have sprung up as need has developed. South Redton is more than anything still a city that grows with each season.

South Redton is a place of promise where adventurer’s can make a name for themselves or settle down to retire. Craftsmen never seem to run out of work and the caravan companies always find an employee and client. The woods hold secrets still yet undiscovered. The roads never seem to end and the excitement of what shall be hangs in the air as the dust of first steps upon clings to your boots.

Home Page

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