Eric Tenspells

Sorcerer Supreme in Training.


Eric Tenspells is the son a farmer from a town that’s nearly forgotten. The small village he was born in was peaceful and quiet during the best of of days. One night it was beset by gnolls and the peace turned to screams of terror. The farmers and militia fought bravely but in the end they lost everything.

Only Eric survived hiding under his house with his twin brother Trathus, their parents thought they’d be safe and they were even as the house burned. They would have still been safe until the house collapsed upon them.

For three days Eric dragged his brother digging himself free of the house. It was in the darkness that he he started to see and hear things and it’s in the night when his eyes are closed that those things come back. He almost didn’t make it and likely wouldn’t have except as he broke the surface a traveling adventurer managed to stumble upon the him as his party searched the wreckage.

Eric had nightmares for three days as the parties cleric tried to save him. When he woke up he discovered his they had buried his brother but couldn’t understand. His brother was still sitting next to him. His brother was with him all the time now just like before.

Eric Tenspells

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